• (Re)Discover your Purpose

We Believe Purpose Matters

Our world is changing, and in the new economy brands built on purpose will thrive. Purpose-driven brands understand their deepest reasons for existing and—as a result—embrace their products or services as social forces for good. When you know your Why, incredible things happen:

  • Powerful storytelling
  • Brand clarity and marketplace differentiation
  • Efficiency that guides your products and services
  • The ability to identify and say “no” to distractions
  • Happier and more empowered employees; more fun
  • More reasons for your customers to be brand enthusiasts
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Honorable brand legacy

Whether your project is large or small, Bonfire listens to ensure your work is built as an extension of your greater vision.

whats your why

We Believe in the Power of Story

Stories are the most influential force in the world. They’re responsible for toppling governments, transforming culture, overriding forces of nature, and exploring remote corners of our universe. They formulate belief, inspire action, and redirect our world. What kind of story is your brand telling?

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We Believe in Collaboration

“Collective” is more than a name. It’s essential to how we work. We consider ourselves an Open Source agency that shares best practices, opportunities, triumphs, and struggles. We listen closely to our clients because they’re also our friends. We breathe partnership. We give interns the opportunity to develop and own the linchpin epiphany. We bang ideas off each other because we believe in each other. We hire our “competition.”

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Bonfire Gives Back

The Bonfire team has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations—and has participated firsthand in their important work for communities, and for our Earth. We (literally) pay homage to them as a 1% for the Planet Member Business.

1 percent for the planet member